The Wild, Wicked, & Weird World of JIMMY PSYCHO!!! The Wild, Wicked, & Weird World of JIMMY PSYCHO!!!

JIMMY PSYCHO is the main mind behind the long-running “Horror Rawkillbilly” outfit PSYCHO CHARGER and the wildly popular “spooky sci-fi punk rock lounge band”

THE JIMMY PSYCHO EXPERIMENT..never a dull moment to be had as both of these music acts became known for equal parts musicanship and showmanship.


Not one to sit still for too long, Jimmy is always writing, recording, and performing music that seamlessly crosses genres with his various musical projects that range from raucous roots rock to classical music.


In addition to the currently active projects listed below, Jimmy has written songs for horror films, his most recent contribution being the theme songs for the hit Halloween anthology film “Tales of Halloween”.


He is currently preparing to record his first solo "Hellbilly Americana" record which exposes his life-long love of country, blues, and traditional American music.



The Ultra-Swank Lounge Sounds of

The Jimmy Psycho Experiment

THE JIMMY PSYCHO EXPERIMENT is usually described as "the world's only spooky/sci fi/punk rock lounge act". Imagine your favorite horror/sci fi movie themes, classic rock and punk rock songs played in that cool old-school lounge vibe ...everything from The Munsters to Star Wars, from David Bowie to The Sex Pistols...think "The Rat Pack meets The Ramones" .

Hellbilly Punk w/

Jimmy Psycho "Grand Hole Opry"


Jimmy's first-ever "Hellbilly Americana" solo release which exposes his long-time love of country, blues, bluegrass, and tradtional music while remaining firmly planted in his punk rock roots.


Coming 2017!!!

PSYCHO CHARGER Jimmy's long-running band, PSYCHO CHARGER, deliver a horror-feuled death-march through the rotting R'n'R graveyard that's been described as "Horror Rawkillbilly"!!! This is truly evil heavy-twang hell rock from the righteous side of the Devil's trailer park!!!
The Sithfits Star Wars-inspired punk rock from the Dark Side of the Force!!! The three headed-bastard child of punk rock, Star Wars, and Weird Al!!!
 THE ABOMINABLE DR. PSYCHO Jimmy Psycho has completed the recording of his latest project, THE ABOMINABLE DR. PSYCHO...The release, titled “Musica ex Mortuis, Vol I” is a collection of classical music’s scariest compositions played on a pipe organ.
Corpse Trooper Star Wars meets Death Metal! Jimmy;s latest collaboration with MancinasArt...devut single scheduled for a May 4th release!
Film/Soundtrack Jimmy is often invited to contribute music for film and video projects. Click here to see a list of films that Jimmy has written/recorded music for!
The Wild, Wicked, and Weird World of... Jimmy Psycho


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